This is the prettier side of the BMX world – Cory’s story

Cory Coffey is a woman – mother and a 34 years old BMX driver from USA.

Earlier at Pannonian we didn’t have opportunity to watch female drivers, but this year three female drivers came to Osijek, and one of them divided with us how is it to be a woman in the, so called, ‘male’ sport.

Do you remember your first bike and did you immediately started to ride BMX?

Yes of course! My first bike was BMX. I started with it and decided that I’m gonna drive only BMX.

How long are you in this discipline?

I drive BMX more than 20 years. I tried out myself in inline and skate but BMX was the most interesting for me.

Do you think girls don’t get enough attention in this sport?

Of course, women need to get more attention in every sport, especially in this one where there aren’t many girls and we are surrounded mostly by guys.

Is a woman’s career in BMX shorter?

‘Officially’ I retired 11 years ago, but here I am. This will be my first ride in a long time. I retired because of marriage and children, which is understandable for every woman, but my children are older now and I can drive again.

How often and long do you train?

I train for about 12 hours a week, and beside that, I look after my children and family.

Does anyone else rides BMX in your family?

Yes, my little daughter, she is only three years old and already driving mini BMX.

How are you preparing yourself for today’s competition?

Chilling, listening to some music and drinking water.

What result are you looking forward to?

I always show my best. The competition with other girls isn’t important to me as much as the competition with myself. My goal is to knock down my own records and inspire myself.

Have you explored the city?

Yes, Osijek is wonderful! I’ve ridden both, my bike and car, so I saw the whole picture of the city. I can’t wait to bring my whole family here!

What do you think of Pannonian, how do you like it?

It’s great because it has a special vibe and the squad is awesome!