Fresh Island on Pannonian Challenge

Longtime friends, business partners and two world famous DJ’-s Phat Philie and Bizzo Bodega are coming to Vega, in which will a variety of songs like hip-hop, r&b classics, most famous club remixes and other music treats get everyone on their feet.
For them, we reserved Thursday, 8.6.2017. !

This duo has a rich history in music, and they’ve been performing for more than 30 years in many clubs all over the world. Moreover, they are the founders of one on the most famous Croatian festivals on the Pag Island called Fresh Island Festival.

Phat Phillie (Filip Ivelja) is one of the initiators of the hip-hop culture in Croatia.
His music career started back in 1984. when he fell in love with hip-hop for the first time – and has been ever since. Radio show ‘’Blackout Rap Show’’ was his breakthrough, and to this day he hosts the Rap Show on the Student Radio in Zagreb.
Phillie has had many successful projects in the past: his first concert in Aquarius, Zagreb in 1997. with the late BIG L and OC from D.I.T.C., DJ set in New York in 2009 with DJ Premier, Tony Touch, and DJ Scratch, and the Golden Plaque he got for Big L’s album ‘’The Big Picture’’. Along with all that, Phillie also wears the title of an executive producer in the sequel of The Brand New Heavies’ album (an acid-jazz group), and in the Croatian producer Koolade’s debut album ‘’The Makings’’.

Petar Radojčić, also known as Bizzo Bodega, is one of the original members of the Croatian Blackout Crew.
The 80s have marked a beginning of his hip-hop career, but to us he may be more familiar as a former member of a group called Bolesna Braća.
Bizzo Bodega now wears the title of a hip-hop activist, rapper, songwriter, producer, and a DJ. He is the cofounder and creative director of the Fresh Island festival, where he has, along with his friend and brother Phillie, hosted some of the world’s biggest artists, such as Chris Brown, Snoop Dog, Iggy Azalea, Wiz Khalifa, Migos, Rick Ross, NAS, A $ AP Rocky, and so on. Bizzo Bodega still embraces the hip-hop culture, and his famous and various sets can be heard all over the world.

Top quality clubbing experience and a huge musical opus cannot be missed, so see you at Pannonian Challenge and at Bizzo Bodega and Phat Phillie’s performance!