ABOP is coming to Pannonian!

This year we’ll have more performers than usual, and one of the most famous bands is ABOP or After je Bolji od Partyja (After is Better Than the Party). They are planned for friday 9.6.2017.!

They are a collective made of top musicians who started performing five years ago. Audiovisual and instrumental compositions are Erol (bass), John and Levi (drums), Božanski (samples, synthesizer), Tourett (synthesizer), and Lo Peaks (mixing console). The team from Zagreb performs live electronic music, and not even the most exhausted ones will be able to resist dancing!

They call them ‘’the rhythm machine’’, because their only aim is dancing, dancing, and only dancing. Their specialty is having two drummers, but only one drum set they both drum on! If you’ve never had an opportunity to listen to/see them, then you shouldn’t miss them on this years’ Pannonian Challenge.
They sit face-to-face playing the same bass drum, and the rest of the drum set is built around it. The band has an interesting story behind their name. Once they were heading back home after an atrocious party, and organized an after party. They performed, and, since everyone liked the jam so much, they decided to start a band. That’s why, now, we have the opportunity of listening the sounds of synthesizer, variety of effects, drums and bass, and, as an outcome of all this, quality instrumental music combined with the atmosphere of an EDM party.

Many say that their music isn’t easy to define, but what we do know is that it’s dynamic, rhythmic, and dance. It’s a successful mixture of everything, music fit for anyone (funk, electro, disco, kraut, techno), and is influenced by Oldschool Chicago acid house music from the 80’s.

It’s a sin to miss such a party, although if you do, no worries, because the band’s motto is Where Party Ends – After Begins!

Check them out: