Announcment for the entire program

Step by step we’ve come to the finished program for this year’s Pannonian Challenge. The program that we’ve prepared for you is very rich. We’ll begin with a warm up Wednesday or Day 0 (June 7th) , which starts at Kazamat. So called ‘’traditional Kazamat Wednesday’’ opens its doors at 9 PM!

Legosi and Legice will warm up the first night with already very familiar locals – DJ Omke and DJ Umbo, who start at 1 AM!
Omer and Umbo are grand opening our first day and are starting a dancing mania with a variety of music mixes, such as dunk, dance, techno, and hits of the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. Keep on dancing ‘till the world ends!

June 8th
is on Thursday when we’ll already be warmed up so we could head to the left bank of the river Drava, i.e. the skate park where the SHOW starts! Doors will be open from 10 AM when INLINE DAY begins!
Riders will be practicing their tricks and stunts during the first hour. Then at 11 AM Inliners are taking their places under the Sun for an hour. This year you can watch all this – for free.

At 12 PM Inline amateurs ride. In the first round 30 riders will ride, which they’ll only have 45 seconds of to perform the best day can. The second round starts at 1 PM when we’ll be watching a whole set of 30 new players.

3 PM is the time for professional riders and their Inline pro qualification run, where 50 riders will also have their 45 seconds of fame, and to do their last trick! There will be a small break and warm up for the upcoming Inline pro finale at approximately 5.45.
The first part begins at 6 PM when 20 professional rollers start.
The second round is 45 minutes later in which there will also be 20 riders that’ll have only 45 seconds.

After an exciting ride and short break, at around 7.45 PM is when the best rider is announced and rewards are given.
At 8 PM don’t miss the closing of a successful day, and moving onto an afterparty in Vega, where at 10 PM DJ PhatPhillie and DJ Bizzo will be expecting us.
After we’ve warmed up at 1 AM a hip hop trio comes next – Bad Copy!
The bravest ones (that we know Osijek has) will dance at 3 AM with our DJ Oliver and his trap, rap and r’n’b.
We’ll be closing another day and wait for new victories until the following morning!

June 9 is SKATEBOARDING DAY! The opening of the park traditionally begins at 10 AM, and the first hour all the riders will gather at the skate podium, and then, at 11 AM skaters begin practicing.

At 12 PM skateboarding competitions for amateurs begins where will be 30 skaters.
The second round begins at 1 PM, when all the riders will have only 45 seconds + performing their final trick!

Professional skaterswarming up begins at 3 PM, and the competition, or Pro qualification run, at 4 PM!

After the warm up and break that everyone will need during these hot days, pro final competition in skateboarding begins at 6 PM sharp.
In the first round 20 skaters will be showing us their tricks, jumps, flybacks, and other treats they’ve prepared for us. They will also have 45 seconds, and, of course, their final trick!
The second round begins at 6.45 PM, which will also have 20 riders.

During a quick break, breakdancers will warm us up – beginning at 7.30 PM.

The announcement of this year’s best skaters will be at around 7.45 PM and then comes the closing of the ceremony with appropriate music, and the biggest applause Osijek can give us!

Afterparty of the second successful day begins at 10 PM in the backyard of Vega, with a very famous band S.A.R.S! After je bolji od partija (After Is Better Than The Party) is what we all already know, and the group will prove it – ABOP begins at midnight. The end of a long day will be mark Pips from Osijek on his mixing console, with the best dancing music for welcoming of the third competition day!

The last day, Saturday, June 10, we’ve prepared for you BMX DAY!

Birthday of our PannonianChallenge will be followed by BMX riders and their phenomenal tricks. Skate park opens at 10 AM, and, how it usually is, we believe that the most excited ones will come even earlier!

So, during the first hour all riders will ride, and then at 11 AM BMX riders.
BMX amateurs’ competition begins at 12 PM, when, in the first round, 30 riders will use their 45 seconds and final trick. After them, an hour later, the second round for BMX amateur riders starts, in which 30 riders will compete.
Warm up for the professional BMX rider begins at 3 PM, and then at 4 PM 50 riders will do their Pro qualification run.

5.45 PM is perfectly good time for riders, audience, and volunteers to rest. Boom, bang – 20 professional BMX riders are incoming at 6 PM for a ride filled with adrenaline.
Second round is reserved for 20 riders more, that begin at 6.45 PM. That’s right, we’ve just arrived for the last round of the 18th PannonianChallenge.

We’ll still have a huge rush of adrenaline in our blood because a break begins at 7.30 PM, and the announcement of the best professional BMX rider is only 15 minutes away, at 7.45 PM!

Closing of the skate park for this year and a goodbye ceremony starts at 8 PM, and do you know where you’re going after that? Entire Osijek will be at the afterparty in Vega because at 10 PM the most famous female MC name in the entire region will be performing – Sassja!

After her, LET 3 will rock both the stage and the audience at 11 PM in Vega!
But wait, there’s more! Legosi and legice cannot just be easily satisfied when it comes to partying.
From 1 AM famous Balkan rapper Frenkie will entertain us, and, at around 3 AM DJ Yesh!

You have an entire competition and musical program, so there’s no reason not to come – so see you from 7th to11th of June at Pannonian Challenge and the afterparties!
Last day (June 11) is there for us to process everything that happened, and a day to chill – that’s why chillday is there isn’t it?