What do people from Osijek think of Pannonian?

Pannonian Challenge is one of the most recognizable symbols of Osijek, an ongoing event for 18 years. Can you believe that it’s been so long? We can, because those were the years of fun,  laughter, love, new friendships, victories, jumps, skating, and it all has a purpose – exchanging experiences and good company, which is irreplaceable.  People of Osijek are very open and pleasant hosts, who are eagerly anticipating the most famous extreme sports’ festival in the entire region. How much legosi and legice love the sporting part of the festival is obvious once you take a look of the stands that our volunteers prepare every year in order for us to have pleasant and even more extreme time.

Besides that, musical part of the festival, warm up Wednesdays at Kazamat, and concerts in Vega are not only a tradition, but a place where positive experiences of our guests and locals are exchanged. The city of Osijek is a student city. With over 20.000 students a year, city on Drava s full of positive vibes, joy, and right before Pannonian excitement, impatience, and a huge rush of adrenaline.  What’s so special about Pannonian? Everything, our citizens claim and explain how amazing and exciting the musical part is. Exactly that is what encourages them to support their festival, and make it even more special. What attracts Osijek people is the fact that summer is a great opportunity when everyone can be together and recreate. That’s why there are so many bicycles. So called ‘’bicycle wave’’ can be found at the left bank of the river Drava, and that’s commendable because recreation + fun is formula for pleasure and joy!

Unforgettable time at parties, unique experience of watching the competitors and a meeting place brings youth unity – not only that, but they’re also impatiently anticipating every year because it always gives new memories. Osijek is full of unity, positive vibes and beautiful young people that bring such atmosphere. Enjoying to the max, especially with so many beautiful women, shirtless boys, famous bands, performers and riders that transfer good energy, and of course, a few beers for refreshment during hot summer days (and nights). When talking to our citizens, whether young or old, we always receive a positive reaction when it comes to Pannonian. We can conclude that people of Osijek are the biggest and longest supporters of the most extreme sportsing festival. Adrenaline, ecstasy, and madness have almost begun, so get ready because there’s not much time before the most extreme sporting festival in the region. Pannonian is the best – come and see!