Why come to this years’s Pannonian?

Wonder why? – the answer is very simple.

First of all, everyone is already very familiar with the fact that it’s the 18th birthday of the best and most extreme festival in the whole region. That means that we’ll celebrate it the only way legosi and legice know!!

You have to come to Pannonian Challenge because this year entrance is free of charge – and that should be more than enough to come and support riders.

Volunteers have already been preparing the park and the left bank of the river Drava for several weeks for the biggest show this year, so come support and thank them for their hard work, patience and will, because without them all this could not be done.

You have to come to Pannonian because newest tricks from our riders are expecting to be seen, which will get your adrenaline going max, and surprise you in a way not yet seen. World known riders are coming!

Program of this year’s Pannonian is rich and high-quality, so we’ll enjoy together for 4 days, starting with the warm up Day 0 Wednesday at Kazamat!

Still wondering why come to this year’s Pannonian? Because, along with the sports part, you can also enjoy yourselves with the best musical treats we’ve prepared for you!
S.A.R.S., Let 3, Bad Copy, ABOP, Frenkie&Sassja, Phat Phillie&Bizzo, Yesh, DJ Omer,Umbo,Oliver and Pips– these reasons are more than enough for you to come to the after parties of the sports part of Pannonian Challenge!

Believe us when we say that this year’s Pannonian Challenge will be unforgettable, and you all have to come!
Believe us because we believe in you – see ya and enjoy to the max because there’s only a few days left before Pannonian Challenge!!!

Till than, #justlove! 🙂