Day 3.: BMX results

World best BMX riders closed the last sport day at Pannonian Challenge!

The most anticipated category this year and every other year on Pannonian Challenge was BMX PRO. The stands were filled with people who were excited to see their favorite BMX riders perform. Top three riders were: Martina Logan, Marin Ranteš, Erik Figar!!!

Marin Ranteš again next to the world best rider!

Even a bit of rain didn’t stop them to impress the audience and the judges. They ended the third day with a bang!

Right at noon the amateur competition has begun and it impressed all the people in the skate park! The best amateur BMX riders today were: Jaka Remec, Jessie Ortega, Kornel Ficsor and they won first, second and third place.

Warm and mostly sunny weather, good music, positive energy and amazing people are definitely some of the reasons why this year’s 18th edition of Pannonian challenge was a success! But without good organization none of this would be possible.

We are finishing up this year’s edition of the festival in Vega. The party starts at 10 pm, as always! Tonight Let 3, Sassja, Frenkie and Yesh are in charge for a good time!

Cheers to our BMX riders!

C ya!