People of Pannonian 2017

Except for great organization, best volunteers, world known riders, Pannonian has those “small” people who are not so small at all!
They are very important part of this story.

Who are those people this year?

“I have been coming to the Pannonian Challenge for the past 4 years.  I heard about it through the media and I liked it because it’s something different in my town.”

“This is my first year here; I am one of the Red Bull team representatives. This event is huge; there are a lot of people here, especially for evening events.”

“I visited the Pannonian Challenge for the last 5 or 6 years. I will definitely come in the future. I was impressed by the atmosphere and the hospitality in Osijek.”

“This is my first time here, I am from Zagreb. I was interested in Pannonian Challenge. I expect to have a good time, some good music and I am looking forward to the in live competition.”

“I brought my son who won the ticket on VIP Vatrice competition. We are here for the first time, and my son is very excited. We are thrilled about what we saw. We will come back next year for sure!”

“This is my second year here; I am back because of the amazing atmosphere! I am very satisfied with volunteers and very interested in the party. I am here because of my work but I would definitely come in my free time!”

“I have been working here as a DJ for the past 6 years, and visiting Pannonian for 10 years. The atmosphere and the best view from the DJ counter are the main reason why I always come back.”

We are coming here because this is the biggest event in Osijek. Our biggest passion is BMX. Two years ago we visited the festival for the first time and since then we are regular visitors.

“We love extreme sports, our passion are bikes. We came here to promote biking. This is our second time here and we are planning to come back every next year.”

People, thank You for the support!
Your, Pannonian Challenge!