Youngest BMX rider on Pannonian Challenge

Our Jakov Svalina is BMX rider from Osijek and guys, he is only 7 years old!!
A little chat with little Jakov but big BMX star in progress!

How come you started riding BMX?
It was very interesting so I just started doing it.

Were you afraid the first time?
Not really. 🙂

What was your parent’s reaction when you told them about BMX?
At first they were scared but it went well.

Is this your first time here on Pannonian?
No, this is actually my third time here.

Did you compete?
No, I was a bit too young for that. But this year it will be my first time and I hope that I will come back next year.

What do you think about Pannonian and the atmosphere? Are other riders nice to you?
It’s amazing! I feel great and the guys are very easygoing and supportive.

Would you like to become a professional rider in the future?
Definitely! I will work very hard to achieve that.