Hungarian BMX representatives

Skate park in Osijek becomes a regional training camp for the Tokyo Olympics.

Another great news comes from the best equipped skate park in the region. After the International Olympic Committee officially incorporated the BMX freestyle and skateboarding into Olympic programme, skate park in Osijek became a regional training center for extreme sports enthusiasts.

As announced by the Hungarian Bicycle Alliance, young Hungarian BMX riders arrived in Osijek where they will prepare for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. 18 of them will be training in the biggest and best equipped skate park in Europe that, since last year, has a foam pit – pool filled with sponges for learning tricks safely. Foam pit is one of the most important things in the last 15 years of Pannonian Challenge, and since there isn’t a similar complex in the region Osijek will be the center of preparations for urban sports for the Olympic Games.

“Osijek Skate Park really provides the best conditions and we believe that everyone will recognize the potential of our park where they can have serious preparations for competitions. Next spring we will also have some new additions in the park which with the hard work and effort became the reference center for extreme sports in Croatia and beyond,” said Zdenko Liška, chairman of the Pannonian Association. Cooperation with the Hungarians marks only the beginning of progress. Offers from cycling federations of Serbia and Slovenia are expected soon since they unfortunately don’t have adequate conditions for BMX riders.

The team will be in Osijek from March 30th till April 4th, and after intense training the organization team from Pannonian Association will prepare an interesting programme for them.
City of Osijek has been recognizing all of these values for years now, and have provided Pannonian Association with support and opportunity to develop into what it is today. Deputy Mayor of Osijek Žana Gamoš pointed out: „This is another confirmation that Osijek is the center of region when it comes to extreme sports. The City of Osijek and the Pannonian Association have been talking and preparing for new projects for some time now.”

“We are pleased that we have been invited by the Pannonian Association and that we can use all the infrastructure of your skate park because unfortunately we don’t have parks that are as well as equipped as yours. We are extremely happy that your park has become a training center for extreme sports and that our team has the opportunity to open the preparation season for the Olympic Games 2020,” said the representative of the Hungarian team Robert Pichler.

This is an indication that investing in the infrastructure of the park is a way for an even greater tourist offer in Osijek – filling the accommodation units, catering facilities and other infrastructure are just some of the benefits that improve tourism in Osijek.

There is only one thing left to do and that is to wish best of luck to the Hungarian team – sok szerencsét and we will see you on the 19th Pannonian Challenge.