The biggest names

The biggest names in extreme sports are coming to Pannonian Challenge again this year.
For nearly two decades, eastern Croatia is the true European center for extreme sports, and all of that is due to Pannonian Challenge festival, which, along with the adrenaline stunts of the world’s top BMX, INLINE and SKATE riders, also offers an excellent complement of urban culture. Each year skate park in Osijek becomes home for over 300 top athletes, whose three-day spectacle sees over 20,000 enthusiastic visitors from all over the region. Although many are already accustomed to summer editions of Pannonian Challenge, a somewhat earlier date for this year’s competition will certainly fit into the plans of extreme sport fans even better – regardless of their holidays, academic obligations, hellish heat and annoying mosquitos. In other words, from May 30th till June 2nd, extreme fun will reside on the left bank of river Drava, where all the best athletes from the United States, Russia, Great Britain, Venezuela, France, Slovenia and the whole region. So, the spectacle is again guaranteed, and all the visitors of skate park in Osijek will once again be able to see how much has Pannonian Challenge grown since 1999, combining the best of urban culture – from extreme sports, hip-hop, all the way to do energetic concerts of the best regional bands.

One of the best equipped skate parks in Europe with a traditionally rich total prize pool of 13,000€, has attracted the best extreme athletes who are eagerly awaiting reunion with the energetic Osijek audience. Therefore, their arrival at the 19th Pannonian Challenge has been confirmed by the very best BMX athletes led by last year’s FISE World Champion Daniel Dhers who will be up against local’s favorite Marin Ranteš and other great athletes like Kostya Andreev, Irek Rizaev, Jack Clark, Michael Berran. Impressive stunts will be judged by renowned international judges – Bart de Jong, Hank Cleworth and Luka Kovič, who will ultimately decide on how to award a prize pool of 8,000€. As for the popular “rollers”, we will again see in Osijek, among others, Roman Abrate, Stephane Alfano, Joe Atkinson, Daniel Losty and Jacob Juul Petersen, who will be judged by Igor Slokovic, Emanuel Radak and Viktor Kondrat. INLINE athletes will compete for a total prize pool of 3,000€. SKATE athletes, led by Antonio Peković, Timotej Lampe Ignjić, Christopher Khan and Zsolt Karkossiak, will be judged by Luka Kolenc, Tomislav Brdarić and Matija Horvat and are expected to receive a prize fund of 1,300€. Last but not least, urban culture will be complemented with B-BOYING competition. Their arrival at Pannonian Challenge has already been confirmed by many regional dancers: Vision and Tamala from Slovenia, Goofy from Serbia, Loosefit from Hungary, Dave da Rave from Austria, Entoni from Zagreb and Osijek locals – Nito and 2nd Blind. Their acrobatic tricks will be judged by well-respected international judges – Leski, Lex and Can I Rok, who will eventually decide on how the prize pool of 450€ will be divided.

Registrations for athletes are still opened, so all interested competitors can apply by filling out the form on the link:

The registration fee is 10, 20 or 30 euros, depending on the sport.

As far as the festival’s schedule is concerned, after the exhibition of “extreme photos” on the official opening on May 30th, sport’s part of the festival will start on May 31st, when SKATE amateurs take over the park (from 12AM to 2.30PM), followed by the real treat, SKATE Pro competition (from 4PM to 8PM). Next day (June 1st) the competition will continue in the extreme tone with the INLINE competition – amateurs will step on the scene from 12AM to 2.30PM, while professional riders will be performing their tricks from 4PM to 8PM. The same schedule follows on June 2nd when we will have the pleasure of greeting the BMX riders. BMX amateurs will take over the park from 12AM to 2.30PM, and world’s best BMX Pro riders whose breathtaking tricks will surely get the blood pumping will perform from 4PM to 8PM. Accommodation in Osijek and Osijek-Baranja County for all interested in visiting is not expensive and it is very well organized. There is also the possibility of camping (camp site is free of charge) for all those who want to relax in the tent under the stars. The camp will be located near the skate park, and free parking is included in the accommodation. The Pannonian camp opens on May 30th 2018 at 3PM and closes on June 3rd 2018 at 12PM. Since the number of available camping spaces is limited, you need to reserve a place, which you can do by sending your details to the mailing address:

On the other hand, there is a multitude of hotels, hostels and pensions in Osijek and its surroundings, whose detailed information can be found on the website: and it is possible to book attractive and affordable accommodation through AIRBNB.