12 of best world BMX drivers are going to finals of 20. Pannonian Challenge

After the excellent skate competition, perhaps the best inline competition in the history of the Pannonian Challenge and a scooter as a new discipline that delighted the crowd, it finally came to BMX which in the two-day spectacle completes the birthday story of the best extreme sports festival in the region. The BMX Freestyle Contest has been the most powerful Pannonian Challenge ever since the beginning of the Saturday’s sports program.

From sixty applicated amateurs throughout the region, 12 of them got the chance to ride at the finals. They are Jaka Remec, Kevin Böck, Nicolas De La Costa, Matic Pečar, Fran Zeman, Denis Lalić, Patrick Kempf, Erwin Muench, Ivan Kukuljan, Ákos Csiszár, Babel Janos and Davor Jug. All of them were on the professional level which made the perfect introduction to the world’s biggest Pro BMX names, who then occupied a skate park on the left bank of the Drava river. Among others, there were Logan Martin, Irek Rizaev, Konstantin Andreev, Declan Brooks, Jack Clark and a favourite to Osijek audience Marin Ranteš. The Jubilee Pannonian Challenge has only demonstrated its firmness at the top of the best BMX Freestyle competitions in Europe, as well as impressive athletes ‘athletes’ qualifications passed by 12 riders to make it to the afternoon semi-finals, they are:

Logan Martin
Jack Clark
Konstantin Andreev
Marin Ranteš
Declan Brooks
Irek Rizaev
Justin Dowell
Bryce Tryon
Michael Meisel
David Janac
Ismael Fries
Matej Žan

Drivers and visitors were also watching qualification match for the European Football Championship in 2020, between Croatia and Wales, which took place in the Osijek City Garden and completed a rich sports weekend in the heart of Slavonia. The game won by “Vatreni” only anticipated semi-finals of BMX Elite / Pro on the 20th Pannonian Challenge. The judges announced even better tricks for the big Sunday finale, when the excellent BMX girls as well as the legends of the Pannonian Challenge will join us.