Inline, B-Boying, Graffiti and Scooter marked the most diverse day of the 20th PC

The adrenaline and extreme fun of last Friday at the 20th edition of the Pannonian Challenge did not stop for a single moment. From the early morning, riders like mosquitoes flooded all parts of the skate park, warming themselves first and foremost for the Inline Amateur competition. However, the victory could only go to the tops of the best, including the first one Jan Gašparič, the second place Alexander Helm and Tom Gelbmann in the third place. After the amateur riders, it was time for the Inline Elite / Pro discipline, which this year was delighted by the audience, both in the context of major world and regional names that have again recognized the importance of the Pannonian Challenge, as well as the tricks that turned Osijek into the right inline sports centre for one day.

At that event, the athletes participated in the competition, some of whom were at the 20th Pannonian Challenge even from Japan while the victory eventually made excellent Joe Atkinson who was only for the shade better than Yuto Goto, who finished on the second and, Jelle Briggeman who had to meet the third place. Excellent qualifications and the final Inline Elite / Pro competition pushed two separate events – one with a long tradition in the Pannonian Challenge, another brand new one, which included the program of the best extreme sports festival in the region.

We are talking about Original Skillz Jam, which for almost ten years in Osijek’s skate park brings the best of urban culture, skillfully combining the art of graffiti, DJ-ing and B-Boying dance. That was the way this Friday, when the graffiti worked on stunning, while the comparable kids Break Dancers measured their strength and showed that with their 10-12 year olds they could easily pair with much older, more experienced colleagues.

“1 vs 1 child battle for the boy B-Boy” justified this bombastic name, the audience and judges were most delighted by Goozila, while the great dance moves are closest to Charlotta and Remba. The best young dancers eventually deserve valuable sponsor gifts and unique medals.

But, alongside them, visitors were carefully pulled out of the new skate park tenants, the riders, who held a session and workshop for everyone interested in the afternoon, demonstrating stunning tricks, the best of which were eventually rewarded. Among the awarded ones was Richard Zelinka on the first, Julien Rota on second and Petr Macháček on the third place. Pokémon discipline or Romobil Jam Session proved to the whole audience that the scooter was easy and justified, but at the next Pannonian Challenge, which can find the sporting part of the festival.

After numerous competitions, the crowd will move to Vega to enjoy concerts of Hladno pivo, Let 3, The Nilz and Debeli Precjednik.