Experience the adrenaline up close at the Pannonian Challenge Warm UP Tour

Third year in a row we’ll be hanging out at the Pannonian Challenge Warm Up Tour, Warm Up Tour of the biggest extreme event in the region! Though it may seem hard to believe, it is certainly true!

Visit us in one of these four cities – Zagreb, Rijeka, Novi Sad or Belgrade – and experience crazy tricks to be performed by our riders!

Meet Poki, a legendary rider who jumped over a tram, and Marin Ranteš, a 20-year-old dude who entered the world’s Top 12 BMX riders!

Vipnet, Croatian National Tourist Board, HEP, Xperia, Franck, Cedevita and the Bank of Zagreb are offering some great prizes, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to win something! Learn everything you have ever wanted to know about Pannonian Challenge and have fun listening to awesome beats played by DJ Oliver!

Once again, see you in Zagreb (May 27), Rijeka (May 28), Novi Sad (June 3) or Belgrade (June 4).