A spectacle before the spectacle

A spectacle before the main event – Poki’s jump at the bridge announced Pannonian Challenge XVII

Today, the Pannonian Challenge crew ventured even higher than last year by turning Osijek’s pedestrian bridge into a place bursting with adrenaline. The main protagonist of the story was once again Igor Vukadinović Poki who enchanted us with his jump off the ramp, located at the very center of the bridge. All who gathered watched in disbelief as Poki soared into the sky.

The crew have outdone themselves organizing this spectacle before the main event, and just to refresh your memory, this is the exact same crew that organized last year’s event when Poki jumped over the tram and turned downtown Osijek into a place booming with adrenaline.

After the stunt, the audience were entertained by DJ Oliver who was in charge of the musical programme. The announcement of Debeli Precjednik’s performance then ensued, rounding the whole event.

Live stream recording