Marin Ranteš

You probably heard about one of the best Croatian BMX riders and wanted to ask him a few questions, but you didn’t get the chance… Well as a matter of fact, we did get a chance. 🙂

We bring you the interview with Marin Ranteš, one of the top 12 BMX riders in the world:

Hello Marin! How are you? Are you excited for the warm weather and lots of competitions?

Hello everyone. Yes, of course I am, excited and eager. This was a very long winter.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, describe yourself in two – three words.

Well, what can I say about myself… A hyperactive person that loves BMX.

We all know that there is nothing that you love more than BMX, we will talk about that later, but first tell us, are there any other thing that you particularly love?

BMX has been a love of mine for some time now. If you want to succeed at something, you have to invest all of your energy and time into it. Normally I like to shoot some hoops or play some table tennis with the fellas.

You are well aware that women are crazy for you, but is there a Special someone that has won your heart over?

Ha, ha… I didn’t know that women are crazy for me. 😉 Yes, there is someone that has a special place in my heart.

How do you spend your free time? Are you going to college or are you exclusively dedicated to BMX?

In my free time I just ride, ride and then ride some more, hang out with my friends, and help out my mum whenever I can. No, I’m not attending college, my priority is BMX for now.

What is your biggest accomplishment at BMX events so far? Don’t worry, you won’t sound pretentious at all. 😛

My biggest accomplishment so far is becoming a part of the red bull family.

Many people consider BMX to be a dangerous sport. Is it really so dangerous? Did you ever have any serious injuries during your career?

Well yeah, of course it is. It’s an extreme sport for a reason, it’s dangerous and risky. As for my inures, there weren’t any major once, nothing bigger then some pulled ligaments, hematoma and stuff like that.

Is BMX an expensive sport? Tell us a little bit about the expenses that this sport requires for those who want to get into it or are just starting out.

Is it an expensive sport? Hmm, well yes and no. Every sport requires some sort of investments. For beginners it’s not that expensive because they can start practicing on cheap bikes.

What are your plans for the future?

To be a part of BMX as long as possible and achieve as much as possible. To spread the word about it and how it’s a real sport that requires a lot of hard work, effort and sacrifices. To spread the word among the young ones as well so they share the love for BMX. To try and make things better for the younger generations so they could get into extreme sports more easily.

Where do you see yourself in five or ten years?

In five or ten years I see myself still riding a BMX, and I would really like to see myself in the top 10 riders. 😉

Now let’s talk about something that we all love – food and drink: did you try any of the Slavonian specialties? E.g. čobanac or cabbage rolls… or cake, for instance mađarica? Would you recommend these dishes to your friends? What do you think about our home made schnapps? Do you have a favorite dish or you don’t prefer anything in particular?

Yes, of course I tried čobanac and cabbage rolls. I don’t know which one I find better to be honest. I don’t like anything in particular, but I do like to eat. As for the schnapps, unfortunately I didn’t try it. 😉

Thank you for answering, Marin! For the end, goodbye, take care of yourself, and we will meet again soon at Pannonian Challenge XVII. 🙂