Birthday Celebration With S.A.R.S.

This year Pannonian challenge will be starting its birthday celebration with a performance of a famous Serbian group – S.A.R.S. !¬ Sveže amputirana ruka Satriania (S.A.R.S.) will make our girls and boys of Osijek, also known as legosi and legice, take the floor all night on the 9th of June, and it will take place somewhere everyone is familiar with – Vega!

The whole story started back in 2006 with an unforgettable tune, or, more precisely, with their megahit ‘’Buđav lebac’’ that has opened many doors in the regional music scene to a now well known ensemble.
Their first album is simply called S.A.R.S., which contains some of their hits, such as ‘’ Ratujemo ti i ja’’ and ‘’Rakija’’. Their music career varies with many different music genres.

Some of them are reggae, ska, rock, and in some songs there are elements of tradition! Songs ‘’To rade’’ and ‘’Mir i ljubav’’ became huge hits of their second album ‘’Perspektiva’’, and their song (also called ‘’Perspektiva’’) broke the records of YouTube views in 2011 which now has more than 20 million views.
’’Kuća časti’’ is the name of their third album which blew us away with one of their most famous ballad ‘’Lutka’’. The group is also known outside of our region, and, ‘till this year, they have released six albums! The members of the group are: Žare (vocal), Lukac (guitar), Sanja Lalić (back singer), Đole (bass guitar), Bora (keyboard, accordion), Tile (drums) and Nebojša (trumpet).

How many concerts they have had up until now probably the group itself does not know, but one thing is certain – positive energy, love, and peace are to be expected with S.A.R.S. during our celebration of maturity in this years’ Pannonian! Live, love, laugh – see you at Pannonian Challenge!