Best teamleader volunteer of PC XVII – Robert Dukarić

Volunteers have been the backbone of Pannonian Challenge for 18 years, and second year in a row the bank of Zagreb has sponsored our volunteers.
Hard work and the importance of young enthusiasts were recognized, and, besides the experience and great times, the bank of Zagreb made sure they felt comfortable. Last year volunteers’ conditions were raised, so this year too they’ll get gift boxes, t-shirts, letters of thanks and a tent filled with tables, sitting bags and other things for relaxing.

Why do they deserve this treatment?
Because they take their free time for a mutual cause, selflessly help. That a good organization is necessary can be confirmed by Robert Dukarić, who was named the best teamleader of the last year’s Pannonian Challenge.

For how long have you been volunteering, and how did you get there?
I’ve been volunteering for 5 years, and I’ve started back in 2012 when a friend of mine asked me to volunteer with him at Pannonian Challenge for the first time. It was an interesting experience, after which I decided to apply for every following Pannonian.

What jobs do you do as a volunteer?
We’re divided into several sectors so that jobs can be organized easier, and some of them are infrastructure, maintenance, monitors, press, sport and competition, info desk and tickets sale. I started out in infrastructure, and have been there ever since because the tasks there are the most active. The main job is to help organizers prepare the park, help out with lifting stands, setting up a fence where needed, and a few minor tasks to keep us busy.

What’s your favorite experience?
My favorite experience was the last year’s Pannonian when I had to lead a small group of volunteers (teamleader). I took it as a challenge because I had a big responsibility and a chance to prove myselg, which ended up as one of the best volunteering experiences in the past 5 years. There are many stories that marked the previous year, such as hanging out with Mario Petreković.

Last year you were named the best teamleader. What was the reward?
Last year our leaders Stefani, Mateja and Jan decided to choose volunteers that did their jobs the best, so the best volunteer was my friend Juraj Padovan, and I was the best teamleader.
If it hadn’t been for my team, it wouldn’t happen. I got volunteers I didn’t know previously that were around 16 and 17 years old and haven’t volunteered before. I pushed them to do their best, which they did, and that’s why I was chosen.

The rewards were gift boxes from the bank of Zagreb, in which were mostly t-shirts, badges, a set for bicycle repair, bicycle padlocks, an USB stick, a small umbrella, and so on.

I invite everyone to join because you could gain experience, make friends, have fun, and you might even win a prize!

Registrations are open until 1st of May!