Uno, due, tre – Bad Copy is coming

Pannonian Challenge has the most exciting line-up so far

Esi mi dobar? (Are you good?) – Bad Copy will ask you once you get to Pannonian Challenge’s best edition so far. The trio that was formed back in 1996, is now somewhat different, and will show its best edition on June 8th, second day of Pannonian, in the backyard of Vega.

This hip-hop trio is popular because of its funny and well-formed lines. Ajs Nigrutin, Sky Wikluh and Timbe have been performing since 2001, and have had four albums, and many solo and in collaboration projects so far, and many put them among the most popular ex-Yu hip-hop bands.

Besides the legendary Bad Copy, on the 18th Pannonian Challenge there will also be S.A.R.S, Phat Phillie, Bizzo Bodega, Frenkie, Sassja, Pips, and many others.

So, besides the day program in the skate park, this year Pannonian will also have amazing performances during the night part of the program.

Are you good?