Music history of Pannonian

Do you remember of all the performers we’ve had on Pannonian Challenge?

Our team will remind you with a brief overview of the previous years. We’ll be dating back to year 2005. when Osijek’s punk bands rocked the scene: Debeli Precjednik (Fat Prezident), Gužva u 16-ercu, a melodic punk band Diverzija and an emo band Among the Thebians. The music atmosphere was completed by Empty Wallets from Split with their melo-punk melodies and a punk band called The Bayonets, from Novi Sad. Edo Majka was a hip-hop surprise, and later on we were entertained by DJ Domagoj, DJ Sly, DJ Pro, and DJ Omer.

2006 was also the year of punk, when, once again, Debeli Precjednik and Gužva u 16-ercu performed, and, besides them, there were PASI, a punk band from Rijeka, hc/punk band Diverzija from Osijek, and a punk rock band Grupa Tvog Života (The Group of Your Life). A Serbian rapper Ajs Nigrutin caught everyone’s attention with his afressive rapping ad provocative lines. There wasn’t a lack of hip-hop either, since 3KI Stil&Mali Dapići performed, and for dance music lovers there were DJ Sly, DJ Domagoj, DJ Pipa, DJ Ahmad…

Next is 2007 when we danced to now familiar DJ’s, such as DJ Pips, DJ Deeface, DJ Suky, DJ Sly, DJ D
omagoj, D’Gelipters, DJ Pro& MC Popeye, and DJ Bratski. Once again Debeli Precjednik, 3KI Stil&Mali Dapići performed, and a hip-hop trio Bad Copy from Belgrade that brought up the atmosphere. We also enjoyed Kandžija’s rapping and Yula or ‘’The Human Beatbox’’.

‘’Nothing will ruin 2008 for me’’ – this year stayed in the style of Dalmatia’s TBF that held a pleasant atmosphere and spread a positive energy on our ‘’lege and legice’’. We’ve had Dovlaman – Zoombul from Serbia, Disciplina Kitchme from Slovenia, In-sane, K4 and and DJ Frajman from Zagreb. Pannonian Challenge wouldn’t be the same without Debeli Precjednik that once again rocked the stage with hardcore punk. Dance, techno, and electro beats are always welcome, and that is why we’ve had DJ Pips, DJ Borka – Code, Big Mama, DJ Sly, DJ Marko Felinger, and so on.

A melodic hardcore, punk rock, skate punk band from USA ‘’A Wilhelm Scream’’ performed at 2009’s Pannonian, and brought up the atmosphere to another level. Dubioza Kolektiv, a group from Bosnia and Herzegovina, won the audience with a variety of songs and a mixture of genres, such as rap rock, ska,du, alternative rock, funk rock and reggae. Once again DJ Omke, Diverzija, Big Mamma Sessions from Osijek returned and made even the most exhausted ones on their feet up until the morning hours. Along them performed DJ Sly and Sheepatz from Osijek, renaissance musician Boo Dale from Rijeka, Popay&Kingston from Slavonski Brod, Diyala from Varaždin, and our rappers and hip-hoppers Kandžija and Gole Žene (Naked Women). And let’s not forget our already well-known Debeli Precjednik!

The year of 2010 marked Pannonian Challenge with a variety of musicians, artists, and DJ’s. The team that performed was mainly from Osijek, and some of the most famous ones are Praxitens from the Downtown of Osijek, that left the scene the following year. Krankšvester, Kandžija i Gole Žene, Kema D’Gelipter, Paavle, S-kapada, Sheepatz and DJ Pips – team from Osijek that brought up the atmosphere in Vega seven years ago.

With them performed guests, such as DJ A Skitzo Stylin from Sarajevo, DJ Dirty Hairy from London, Marčelo&Filter Crew from Belgrade, Frenkie&Montirani Proces from Tuzla, Furr&Hazendonk from Rotterdam, and One Piece Puzzle from Rijeka.

2011 and 2012 were the years of ‘’returning’’. Debeli Precjednik, Kandžija and Gole Žene, DJ Omke, Edo Majka, and A Wilhelm Scream returned, and for the first time we’ve had S.A.R.S, that are the opening group for this years’ Pannonian. Along them performed guests from the region, Eddy Ramich, Les, General Woo, Fisto, In Ruff, Kymera, Gentelman, Ringišpil, Overflow, Emkej, and Kal. The Toatsters came all the way from the USA.
Vega was marked in 2013 with dynamic and rhythmic local bands. Kandžija i Gole Žene, Krankšvester, Debeli Precjednik, Pullover band, and Grupa tvog života. Once again we’ve had guests from all around, such as a punk rock group Atheist Rap from Novi Sad. The spirit of punk continued to be spread by Mašinko, a team from Zagreb, and TBF from Dalmatia. Of course, we’ve danced to DJ Omer, DJ Oliver, DJ Pips, Pryus&Krueger, Rahmanee, and Iskaz’s music.

It’s all rock ‘n’ roll – at the 15th Pannonian we’ve had an alternative and garage/indie rock group from Belgrade – Repetitor! 2014 is also the year that had the most visitors, because hip hop groups Kiša Metaka, Prti Bee Gee, and Bvana iz Lagune from Split, All That Bass from Belgrade, DJ Deekline from Great Britain, Chew the Fat from Zagreb, Roots In Session from Slovenia, and Koffin Kats from USA performed. The punk delirium continues with whom else than Debeli Precjednik!

2015 was the year of DJ’s and dance, techno and electro rhytms with DJ Omer, DJ Umba, DJ Sly, DJ Ascallon, DJEddy Ramich, Vanilla, and the famous Kiril Dzajkovski and TK Wonder & MCWasp. Pannonian’s stage wasn’t left empty that year, nor was the audience left without beer – cold beer, more precisely. Hladno Pivo (Cold Beer) performed and rocked the stage with their punk rock melodies. Once again Debeli Precjednik performed.

Last year will be remembered by famous disco hits, and for the “Disco music has no boundaries, disco music has no generation” we can thank DJ Omer, DJ Umbo,Modestep, DJ Kula, DJ Bizzo Bodega & DJ Phat Phillie – that will make us dance this year too. Hip-hop, house, and a techno treat was brought to us by Naša stvar (Our Thing), and last years’ Pannonian Mašinko, Joke, Rahmaneei, and Jazzy Rossco alsobpaid a visit.

Some of the previously mentioned performers will visit us this year too, and the rest is yet to come…
we’ll keep in touch.