Traditions at Pannonian

Where’s bigger adrenaline rush, better positive energy, bigger number of falls, jumps, and better and crazier parties than at Pannonian Challenge?! We’ve been creating tradition ever since 2005, which is worth mentioning. We’ve been hosts to many well-known riders and musicians for 18 years, and after all this years we’ve become friends with each other.
The city of Osijek will forever be the city in which the biggest extreme sports’ festival is held, and that’s our greatest tradition! Excitement and adrenaline have already begun, and in less than a month a spectacle will begin, which we’ll be talking about during the whole following year…
Keep reading about Pannonian’s traditions.

Warm up in Kazamat – let’s dance!
Whether we’ve spent our entire paycheck or not, we don’t care because every person from Osijek knows that warm up for Pannonian Challenge is at Kazamat. Traditionally every year on Wednesday we choose a day and that day is the beginning of Pannonian, or day 0- partying starts at 20 (8 PM), and how people from Osijek would say ‘’we’re partying hard ‘till the dawn’’! Every year two of our DJ’s, Omke and Umbo, rock the stage – so of course they’ll be performing this year too!
On day zero, Kazamat is on fire, and this year we’ll be careful not to get too hot. The tradition continues, only a little bit better, we are celebrating adulthood after all!
See you on June 7th at Kazamat – come, drink, dance, love, and remember – don’t worry, be happy!

One and only – Daniel Dhers!
The person because of whom we remember Pannonian Challenge is the professional BMX rider Daniel Dhers! We’ve been following his BMX career ever since we’ve heard of Pannonian, and we like to remember of all his victories, won medals, and extreme successes! He won a few grand prizes: 5 times won the title of the X Games Gold Medalist in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2013! Almost 4 years in a row he won the Dew Cup BMX Park Champion award (2006, 2007, 2008, and 2010). He also won the rider of the year title in 2008 – NORA Cup Ramp Rider of the Year! Last year Daniel won the second place in UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Pro!! We have to congratulate him for the almost traditional winning of the grand prizes in several categories this year, and we wish him a lot of success this year too, because he’ll certainly surprise us with his new tricks! Daniel gladly comes to Osijek every year, and we’re eagerly anticipating his arrival!

Lega, Vega!
Another one of the traditions that mark Pannonian Challenge is our one and only Vega!
Club Vega is a great location in Tvrđa in which the whole crew goes to party after being in the skate park. From punk to electronic music – everything is allowed at Vega! This year’s lineup is clear to everyone – which means you have enough time to prepare your feet, hips and heads for dancing and partying like we did for the past few years!

Punk is not dead!
Debeli Precjednik (Fat Prezident) is tthe biggest musical tradition of Pannonian Challenge! They’ve been performing and rocking the whole Pannonian and Vega for 14 years! Debeli Precjednik and Osijek’s audience not only get along but also have a special punk connection between them that marked and became Pannonian’s punk tradition!

There’s no one like Poki!
Igor Vukadinović Poki is the true tradition of Pannonian Challenge. There wasn’t a Pannonian without Poki and his jumps, and the tradition continues. For the past few yrats we’ve watched our Poki pushing the limits, break his bones, wrists, and everything similar – but his love for riding and Pannonian are unbreakable! He’s the only person from Osijek that didn’t chase the tram, but in 2015. jumped over it and made a few rotations + a flip!
Only our Poki can do that, but there’s more! Instead of walking over our pedestrian bridge Poki successfully flew over it in 2016. Courage and dauntlessness are two of Poki’s qualities, who has become a tradition of Pannonian, and marked that this year by jumping over a bridge made by Coca-Cola in the main city square. Without Poki Pannonian would not be the same, so Poki, you’re our hero – Superman!

Volunteers & audience
One does not go without the other, so we’re thanking and giving huge credit to our volunteers and audience that make Pannonian Challenge different and more unique! Every year the best volunteer is chosen that wins several prizes and acknowledgments of our sponsors and Pannonian, and the biggest treasure are the relationships made during volunteering. It’s a tradition that is timeless, because their help, will and good energy make things move! Osijek’s audience is dynamic and positive – support that you have to see to know what we’re talking about.

Come to this year’s Pannonian Challenge, and become a part of a big family!