World Champions at Pannonian Challenge

It’ll get crowdy in Osijek’s park

Rush of adrenaline can almost be felt, for what other reason than that there’s only 20 days before the 18th edition of Pannonian Challenge. Festival being so close means that calls and confirmations of arrivals of top BMX and inline riders, and skaters, among them world champion in roller-skating, Roman Abrate and world BMX champion Logan Martin.

Fear of every skate park, world champion and a guy so focused on his ride that it’s very clear why his rides barely know what a mistake is – Logan Martin – last year earned his BMX throne on Pannonian Challenge, and this year confirmed his arrival.

‘’Last year I arrived at Pannonian and was left in awe by its organization and good energy, and I also won. The park is amazing, I’d like to ride there again so that’s why I’m back.’’, said Logan. When we asked him about our best rider Marin Ranteš, he didn’t hold back with his praising:

‘’I’ve ridden with him several times at competitions. He’s an incredible rider, especially when you consider the lack of training space in his country.’’

Maybe he doesn’t even know that Croats are also amazed with Marin’s riding and skills, so it’s no surprise that the park is filled with supporters every year that hope he’ll get on the throne in his country.

How it usually is, sporting part of Pannonian Challenge will be opened by rollers on June 8th. Their competition will be the strongest one yet, to which contributes the fact that world champion, Frenchman Roman Abrate will be competing too. Nevertheless, his competition won’t be easy either, considering that two of the best world riders Joe Atkinson and Joey Egan will join him.

Those are only some of the riders that‘ll be competing at the biggest extreme sports’ festival from 7th ‘till 11th of June.
Besides them, there’ll be some big musical names that are responsible for night entertainment up until early morning hours.