Successful 2018th year

As the year 2018 gradually came to an end, the Pannonian Challenge team recalls the most important and funniest moments that marked our extremely good year, perhaps the most successful ever. That is precisely why we bring you stories through the lens of our omnipresent photographers – the perfectly captured moments that best illustrate what we have all experienced, what we have witnessed, but also what awaits us at the jubilee 20th Pannonian Challenge.

It is well known that the city of Osijek, due to its excellent skate park on the left bank of the river Drava, became a regional training camp for extreme athletes for the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. Excellent training facilities were first recognized by our neighbors. Hungarian cycling alliance, whose BMX freestyle riders trained in Osijek during March and April.

250 young volunteers from Osijek applied to participate in this year’s Pannonian Challenge, while at the end 100 of the most prominent were deployed in 11 sectors of the entire organization. However, popular VolunterOS, as the Pannonian team likes to call them, did not just participate in the organization, but at the beginning of May they undertook valuable training as part of a unique workshop at the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, where they got acquainted with their obligations through a combination of education and fun.

The best announcement of Pannonian Challenge was always a few weeks before the start of the competition itself, in the form of colorful, graffiti painted trams. This was the case in the middle of May this year, when urban sounds filled the entire city and with the occasion party invited all of Osijek to the best regional extreme sports festival.

This year, the 19th Pannonian Challenge Festival was held in the earliest term so far, from May 30th to June 2nd, when some of the world’s top and regional extreme athletes came to Osijek. BMX freestyle, inline and skate discipline once again provided an unforgettable atmosphere and delighted the audience in the Osijek, which enjoyed adrenaline competitions and other attractions.

In order to have the best regional festival of extreme sports last three days without stop, even after the adrenaline competitions were over, this year we also had a variety of music programs in the backyard of former nightclub Vega located in the beautiful old town Tvrđa. 19th Pannonian Challenge hosted many DJs, rockers, punkers but the biggest show was put on by the legendary Psihomodo pop.

As part of the 19th Pannonian Challenge, the TO DO conference was held, the first specialized sport-event conference, where on June 1st and June 2nd, their knowledge and skills with all interested at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Osijek were shared by many well-known experts from the world of sports, marketing, tourism and the media.

Marin Ranteš, a favorite of the Osijek audience, who won second place in the demanding competition in the BMX freestyle category at the 19th Pannonian Challenge, ultimately won the title of Croatia’s best rider. But this is not his best achievement this year, as this young athlete and Ambassador of the Pannonian Challenge was declared the ultimate champion of the FISE BMX World Cup at the beginning of November after having collected the highest points at four world stations – Hiroshima, Montpellier, Edmonton and Chengdu.

One of the best equipped skate parks in Europe has been consistently developed and upgraded with new elements that follow the trends, which again met the needs of extreme athletes from all over the world. The Osijek skate park continued to provide the perfect flow of fun and adrenaline, but some elements especially contributed to the training of demanding tricks, for which the most important is the first-class foam pit that protects from injury.