Friday at the Pannonian Challenge was marked by skate and the symbols of the urban culture

Skate and graffiti have formed the Pannonian Challenge DNA since its inception. It is no wonder then that Friday was once again replete with spray paint rattles and skateboard wood whispers, all, naturally, in compliance with anti-epidemic measures. This year, Beck’s sponsored the Graffiti Art Workshop hosted by CHEZ 186, the eminent bellwether of the Croatian graffiti scene, who spared no magic and showed his skill in all its glory. The artful collab was liaised by Osijek graffiti artist and hip-hop activist, Armando El-Hag Hassan.

„Lately I´ve been doing something like half graffiti where I break them and where I break the classic approach to graffiti. I mix classic graffiti and try to break, go around or change the rules with some influences that surround me.“

Skaters wasted no time under Osijek’s sweltering sun, practicing and taking in the smoothness of Osijek’s skatepark just around the corner from the Workshop.

Starting off the Friday competition, amateur category was won by Matko Erkapić, whose impressive tricks got him ahead of Jagor Jurič, who ranked second, and Mislav Pećar who placed third.

Next came the elite/pro category. Registration closed with contestants from all over Europe, all vying for the prestigious title. Petar Spieldick from Nova Gradiška took first place spinning his board in an improbable fusion. All course elements received equal amounts of skater loving, a taste of which was savored even via TV and social networks. Ranking second and third were Chris Khan and Bruno Vranić, respectively.

To follow Friday thrills, what better than beloved BMX delight. The BMX freestyle category will host the Croatian National BMX Freestyle Championship, and the entire spectacle will go live on Sportska Televizija. The eyes of the world will be peeled on Osijek, where after seven long months from the Olympic Games cancellation, a first-class BMX competition will take place. We will watch best croatian BMX rider Marin Ranteš and best of pro BMX – Daniel Dhers, Anthony Jeanjean, Alessandro Barbero, Michael Beran and Senad Grošić.