Skatepark Pannonian

The best equipped skate park in South East Europe

We don’t know if there is anyone else who doesn’t know that Pannonian Challenge is a part of FISE World Series, and after the International Olympic Committee officially incorporated BMX freestyle and skateboarding into the Olympic programme, skate park in Osijek became the regional training center for extreme sports enthusiasts.

Skate park also has a foam pit – pool for learning and perfecting tricks. Foam pit is one of the most important things in the last 15 years of Pannonian Challenge. There is a 6 meter downhill that ends in the pool filled with sponges, the dimensions are 6x5x2 and the total volume is 100 cubic meters. The pool can be folded in case of rain, entering as a box in skate park and the most important thing – it’s free of charge.

The construction plan was made in cooperation with the riders and that’s why it is now ideal for skaters as well. The main difference between the old skate park and the new one is its size and elements.

Elements were combined, the angles of the old ones were changed and some new elements were added such as two new step ups, four rails, a rooftop, another miniramp, jump boxes, ledges, and others. All of those components are now closer to each other in order to increase the adrenaline and the dynamics of the ride itself. With these changes, more BMX styles fit in, precisely park and street. Park was constructed in cycles in order to easily achieve flow while doing stunts without interruptions.

The most exciting thing for skate discipline are ledges (for those who don’t know, those are small walls), banks, rails and a mini ramp and the fact that now all those obstacles are closer to each other, giving skaters extra push while performing their high flying tricks.

Of course, there’s still a pyramid, spine, big quarter, jump boxes and ledges. Even though the park is full of obstacles it is still large enough what enables free and big running start for achieving speed.

This year we are expecting rollerbladers to be all over skate park, skaters jumping sky high and BMX riders doing their acrobatics high up in the air. The drafts alone left everyone stunned, so we shouldn’t be surprised, this year’s skate park will definitely be praised in the long run, because its ramps, new ones and old ones, will host some of the world’s best riders.

Skate park in Osijek really provides the best conditions and we believe that everyone will recognize the potentials of our park where they can make serious preparations for any competition. Next spring we are also expecting some new stuff in the park which with the hard work and effort became the reference center for extreme sports in Croatia and beyond.