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16. May 2018.

Registrations are open

Registrations for the most popular extreme sports festival in South East Europe known for its superb skate park, great atmosphere and parties till dawn are opened.

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15. May 2018.

Action sport photography

Experience Pannonian Challenge through the lenses of some of the best actions sports photographers Like every year, along with the magnificent sports and music program, the biggest extreme sports festival will host art and cultural program as well.

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13. June 2017.

People of Pannonian 2017

Except for great organization, best volunteers, world known riders, Pannonian has those “small” people who are not so small at all! They are very important part of this story. Who are those people this year? “I have been coming to the Pannonian Challenge for the past 4 years.  I heard about it through the media […]

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11. June 2017.

Youngest BMX rider on Pannonian Challenge

Our Jakov Svalina is BMX rider from Osijek and guys, he is only 7 years old!! A little chat with little Jakov but big BMX star in progress! How come you started riding BMX? It was very interesting so I just started doing it. Were you afraid the first time? Not really. 🙂 What was […]

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10. June 2017.

Day 3.: BMX results

World best BMX riders closed the last sport day at Pannonian Challenge! The most anticipated category this year and every other year on Pannonian Challenge was BMX PRO. The stands were filled with people who were excited to see their favorite BMX riders perform. Top three riders were: Martina Logan, Marin Ranteš, Erik Figar!!! Marin […]

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2. day: Skate review

Finally this year we have a skate competition thanks to the sunny weather! Right at noon, 30 skate amateur riders did their first ride, they had 45 seconds and they impressed us with their tricks and amazing talent! Second run of the day took place around 1 pm, and the best guys were Toni Despot, […]

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